new song: you’re the God who answers prayer

We’ve uploaded a new song that we’re really excited about. You can download You’re the God who answers prayer (Thank you for this answered prayer) from our new and topical resources page

The mp3, chord sheet and story behind the song are all available now, and in time we’ll be adding sheet music too.


This song is the first in a series of resources we are consciously writing in celebration and thanks for the answered prayer we are seeing at the Sanctuary…

And with determination to keep recognising God’s work and standing on it as testimony.

It’s precious to us because it’s straight from the journey of living out the journey of daily holding together worship and world.

And every time we sing it, more resonance and testimony is added behind it – layer after layer of recounting what God has done to bring transformation amongst us, and in the nations and issues we watch over.

A couple of months ago, we posted a blog on the problem of answered prayer where we explored the challenge of having the faith to accept things have happened as a result of our prayers.

So often, people talk about the problems of unanswered prayer, but what do you do when you pray and international situations shift – specifically, and quickly?

Or when that person you pray for does get the job? Or an impossibly broken relationship does get healed just as you asked?

Especially, when the prompt to pray seemed to come straight from God’s heart and leading?

This song is our response. And the words speak for themselves:

Thank you for this answered prayer,
Thank you for another testimony that you’re here.
Thank you for this act of kindness,
Another demonstration of your power and your faithfulness.

You are who you say you are,
You’re the one who gives us strength to ask.
Then you do all you say you will do.
You’re the God who answers prayer.
Another revelation that you’re there.

Thank you for this miracle,
Another chance to lift your name in songs of love and praise.
Thank you for another story,
Another rock of grace and faith to stand on as we pray for more.

We won’t rob you of your glory.
We won’t deny ourselves this testimony.
No we won’t rob you if any of your glory -Jesus –
We won’t deny ourselves this testimony
Of you at work.

This song is dedicated to Cherry Gillbard – an inspirational member of the Sanctuary’s wider family, who is voluntarily scoring Liz’s songs, and is an answer to prayer herself – thank you Cherry!

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