praying for children in care

This week’s issue in focus is children in care, and we spent the majority of morning worship today thanking God for his perfect fathering, and lifting different groups of children and adults associated with the care system to him.

children in care

Please join us today in praying for – children in care; those preparing to leave care; foster parents; institutional carers; charities providing care or support to those in care such as The Children’s Society, Barnados and the NSPCC; social workers; the Government and local authorities; adults who grew up in care; adults who have had childrenĀ  taken away from them and better understanding among us all about the care system in the UK.

We closed with a poignant act of intercession, as we turned around the pronouns of Matt Redman’s ‘The Father’s song’ to sing blessing and truth over each of the 91,000 children in care today – each one of them a unique reflection of God’s image, and loved immeasurably by him:

They have heard so many songs,
Listened to a thousand tongues,
But there is one that sounds above them all.
The Father’s song, the Father’s love
You’ve sung it over them and for eternity
Please write it on their hearts.

Heaven’s perfect melody,
The creator’s symphony,
You are singing over them, the Father’s song.
Heaven’s perfect mystery,
The King of love has sent for them.
And now you’re singing over them
The Father’s song.

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