1 today and our 1 off appeal

Today is the 1st birthday of the Sanctuary’s website!

It’s a happy day for us as we look back on all God has helped us to do in this last year, and look forward with expectation and excitement to the coming year. Today is also an important day, because we’re celebrating by asking you if you can love the Sanctuary by giving a one-off donation to our premises set-up appeal.

1 today and a 1 off appeal

Those of you who know us, and have been following the Sanctuary’s journey closely know that we do it all for love.

1 motivation

Love of our God who loved us first; love of the poor, the broken, and the nations – who we long to see a different future for; and love of the church, who we seek to serve by inspiring Christians to live out their faith in a deeply rooted, and outward focused, way.

Every person involved with our work – from founders to creatives and contributors – gives their time, expertise, and creativity for free – supporting themselves to run the Sanctuary through other work, and taking no fee for their time or creations.

This is one of the Sanctuary’s core values – to freely bless Christians so that as much of the church’s money as possible can be spent beyond its walls.

1 exception

It has always been our plan to have a one-off appeal at the point in time which we were preparing to open our physical space.

2 reasons why we’re appealing just this once

Firstly because we do not have the capital to do this just by ourselves.

Secondly because we believe that a sense of wider ownership is important – there are many who have said they would like to give to the Sanctuary, and we want to provide an opportunity for them to be involved in this way.

In November we announced that we had been offered premises, and in the late Summer, we will be moving in to them, so we need to start gathering the necessary funds now.

You can read more about what will happen at our physical home, and what it will look like on our catch the vision and preparing the Sanctuary’s home pages.

3 amazing blessings already received 

The  amount of capital still to be raised is quite small for three reasons.

Firstly, our premises has been offered to us by All Saints’ Ilkley rent-free so there are no building purchase or rental costs, and the space only requires decoration and fitting out rather than more fundamental work.

Secondly, our old church St Pauls’ St Albans, has given us a generous donation to pay for the audio visual equipment and furniture that will be required, so all we still need to raise money for is for the decoration itself which includes the map flooring.

Thirdly a small number of supporters have already given to the appeal – before it was even launched – following our announcement about having found a premises in November.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in this, and of course, to our loving Father.

1 thing to ask you

Do you have the heart, or means, to love the Sanctuary by making a donation to our one-off appeal?

If you can’t it’s fine! The Sanctuary exists to bless for free and you should not feel any burden to give where you don’t feel able, comfortable or led. Please happily continue to use our resources without worrying about this appeal!

But if you can, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us to request a donation form and gift aid declaration.

1 last thing

If the Sanctuary raises more money than it initially needs for the decoration and kitting out of its premises, any additional funds will be used to create one or both of two possible reserve pots – one for future equipment needs or replacements and one for general reserves for running costs (which we cover).

Every blessing,

Liz Baddaley and Jill Andrews
the Sanctuary’s Vision-keepers

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