fuel for everything

It’s no secret that everything at the Sanctuary is fueled by prayer. All our inspiration, ideas, directions – everything comes from time spent listening to God and sharing his heart during our daily . So what fuels the rhythm?

our god is love

God is so generous to us with his presence, his Word, his revelation and his other children – we learn and grow through them all.

But there’s one thing that has been uniquely significant to the Sanctuary’s journey… and that’s our list of the characteristics of God.

Every day, we use all the lists in this source document – along with headlines or topical foci – to shape our rhythm.

But the characteristics list is so precious – every day we take one of these treasures and let it frame our praise and renew our minds. So if we could save one resource, one thing we’ve made or gathered from the journey of the last seven years, it would be just this…

Because it’s so rich.

And it keeps on growing…

The more time we spend in worship; the more we see God at work in the world; the more we get to know him – the more words, descriptions and images we need to reflect our ever-deepening discoveries of the wonder of who he is, what he is like and how he works!

So here’s the latest version of our source document – open it up, find the list, use it in your prayer times and join us on an amazing adventure into the heart and reality of God.

As for us, we’re looking forward to starting again with the newly extended ‘As’ on Monday!

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