see-through Aslan

Advent has begun, and our Christmas window is up… beckoning people to meet with Jesus through a powerfully gentle message. We’ll let the images – and the words they contain – speak for themselves!





Thank you to the whole team who helped inspire the wonderful, weaving journey God led us towards with this window, and contributed concepts, quotes, practical assistance, focused prayer and/or moral support especially Liz, Jill, Nic, Sandra, Lisa and Stephanie.

Thank you to C.S.Lewis and Pauline Baynes for the original story, words and illustrations, which millions are still being blessed by receiving and sharing today.

And – most of all – thank you to our own amazing artists:

Alison Helliwell-Hodson, who painted our wardrobe door last year, and co-created with God to do something faintly miraculous and servant-heartedly extravagant with half a dozen white glass pens this year…

And Barbara Macnish and Sarah Baxter, whose live art Advent worship of Jesus from three years ago is still serving the One it depicts this Christmas, as thousands of people every day look through Aslan and find Jesus shining through.

We’re praying many will hear his beautiful call as they drive or walk by.

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