our songs project – exciting news

It’s almost exactly a year since we told you about our vision for the songs project. And now here we are, starting 2016 by putting the final touches to a brand new studio version of Healer of Nations (which will be published on our songs page in the next few days.) And this is exciting because it is the last song on our list before we are ready to release our first album: Songs from the Sanctuary – Moving with his heart.


We’ll be regularly sharing news on this blog in the next couple months about how the release of the album – which will be available as a CD and full album digital download (as well as through continuing individual track downloads on our own site) – is coming together. So watch this space for more information about firm timescales soon.

But we didn’t want to wait to share our excitement at reaching this milestone with you all!

One of our community’s artists – Barbara Macnish – has designed and created a stunning album cover which we’re keeping under wraps for now to surprise you with nearer the release date… but it was inspired by a picture of the songs received in prayer and beautifully brings to life the heart and vision behind them.

Our desire with the songs project – and the album release element of it – was to invest a bit more in some of the key outward focused songs to help them inspire and challenge even more people. We want to keep sending out the call to worship in a way that reflects the depth and breadth of who God is, and the heart he has for each 1 in 7 billion – especially the poor, the lost and the broken.

Our vision for these worship songs remains the same – we want to give them all away. And the album is no exception to this.

Our prayer has been that through investing enough resources and time into higher level production and by creating an album which means we can give the songs away through wider distribution channels than just our own site, we can bless even more of the church.

Please do pray for us as we put in all the strategic, practical, technical and behind the scenes work necessary to get these finished songs out in an album format.

And please do thank God for our producer, everyone who gave funds so the songs could be released in this way but still given away, and everyone else who has worked – and is working – so hard to help these songs fly.



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