healer of nations – brand new studio version

We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve just published a brand new studio version of Healer of nations – a song of intercession we use a lot to pray for many different nations, especially following natural disasters. Have a listen here and then visit our songs page to download the audio, chord sheet and story behind the song.


Releasing this latest studio recording is particularly exciting for us. It has of course been exciting every time we have  have been able to release another track through the songs project – we hope that it will help more people and churches to pray for issues so close to God’s heart.

But this one’s special for two further reasons.

The first is that it represents a significant landmark. We now have all the songs we wanted to release on our first album – Songs from the Sanctuary: Moving with his heart – completed. (You can read more about our plans for this album here.)

The other reason is that this is the first recording we’ve made of community members Liz Baddaley and Anya Faull (who also make up our close harmony duo sparrow song) singing together. Like us, we’re sure you’ll love the results of these two heart-felt worshippers singing together.

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