a prayer: WeAreN but also…

In solidarity with the persecuted Christians of Mosul, Iraq and together with many others we will not stay silent as Christians are ordered to leave, pay a tax  or face the sword. And as their homes are marked  with this symbol denoting ‘N’ for ‘Nazarene’. This is our body; our family. This is us. We must pray and speak up. How could we not? But also…


… the idea for #WeAreN didn’t start with Christians. It began with Muslims in Mosul adopting the letter to protect their Christian neighbours. Our hearts break for the suffering Isis is bringing to them too.

And to everyone in their path – in Syria, in Iraq. And for every nation they have their sights set on. For every heart that fears and for every life lost or bereaved or marred.

This has to stop.

A prayer: WeAreN and also…

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
We are ‘N’
and we are crying out to you.
This has to stop.
Surely you will make this stop.
Please Lord, make this stop.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
we are a body crying out to its head;
the ultimate Nazarene.
You are ‘N’
and it is your name we bear –
whether in joyful choice or desecrating hostility.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
write ‘N’ on our hearts indelibly
for we say “#WeAreN”
but we forget, care too little or are scared to speak
As if our hand hadn’t been cut off
Or our foot chased from its resting place.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
make us a true ‘N’ that prays, fasts, mourns, acts
for our brothers and sisters
in Mosul, wider Iraq and Syria.
And everywhere family is imprisoned
abused, mocked, killed or taunted.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
that type of ‘N’ sounds more like you
who gave your life for the love of us.
That ‘N’ is what we would be known for
– ready to die to self for the love of us
for the love of ‘N’ and the love of you.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
speed our sometimes feeble-kneed standing-alongside comfort
and your perfect understanding-defying peace
to those who are threatened for ‘N’ today.
And deliver, please deliver through your Spirit’s power –
and through us, who must be the hands and feet for  ‘N’.

But also…

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
There is so much more than ‘N’ to plead for;
Those grouped under ‘M’ who also face terror,
Those writing ‘N’ to protect their neighbours,
Those brandishing ‘I’ in desperate need of softening;
So many letters and labels but all loved and in need of your peace.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth,
nations of many names are in uproar
and kingdoms rise and fall.
And all we manage is to cry out to you and shakily try to make this stand.
But we are still ‘N’ and we will remain in your name
for you will be exalted and your peace will come.

Please also prayerfully consider supporting Open Door’s appeal, or giving to Canon Andrew White’s work through FRRME.

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