I dare to pray

We’ve just uploaded the sheet music for I dare to pray – a worship song that’s poignantly helpful at the moment as we keep lifting Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Syria, Ukraine and more to God. You can download the audio mp3, the chord sheet, sheet music and the story behind the song from our songs page.


In this updated extract from about… I dare to pray, song-writer Liz Baddaley tells us a bit about the inspiration behind it first being created and why the heart behind it is so crucial to cling to:

This song was written three years ago when I was praying for the Middle-East, and particularly Israel and the Occupied Palestinan Territories
– as another round of conflict fired off.

“Three years on, I’m singing it with the same commitment over the same places.


“I am determined to keep praying for these ‘impossible’ situations. Daring to pray might seem a strange phrase – where is the risk or dare involved?

“But daring to pray means hoping and believing for something different, something bigger than seems possible… and that is a risk for the heart of faith.

“Is our God bigger than the conflicts in the Middle-East?

“Is peace possible?

“Is it even a part of God’s plan for this significant region?

“I don’t know the answer to this last question but I do know my God’s character, his credentials, his record and his heart.

“And that is why I dare to pray for the impossible.

“Again and again.

“I think we all struggle with the big-ness of the situations and problems we bring before God. But we must keep going.

“We are called to stand in the gap and pray.

“We are urged to pray for rulers and governments, the peace of Jerusalem, and to take on the powers and principalities of the world in Jesus’ name.

“We are exhorted to pray at all times and in all situations.

“There is nothing too big for God. And nothing too small for him to care about.

“To worship in a way that connects, and relates, to our world context means facing up to uncomfortable and challenging questions – no longer can we keep our faith personal, or small.

“We have to also recognise that God calls us to be salt and light in the world – that through Him we are to be agents of transformation – nothing is beyond his loving reach of deliverance and redemption.

“Thank God. Because we need him more than ever in the Middle- East and globally three years on from when this song was first written.

“Come Lord Jesus, come – we dare to pray.”

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