God bless Le Tour!

As Lé Grand Depart begins today, here’s our all-age blessing prayer for it!


Father and inventor

of bikes and each rider,

in your presence we come and ask you to pour

blessing on “Le Grand Départ” and also “Le Tour”!

As the wheels on the bikes go round and round

and the cyclists whizz past cheering crowd sound;

As we marvel at what people created in your image can do

and get inspired to keep going with our God-given gifts too;

As we look at the beauty each route passes through,

may we lift our thoughts and hearts in praise to you.

As the wheels turn round, may we once again remember

that the world is better when we all work together.

Keep everyone safe in the crowds and the speed

and help every church, and each Christian to be

a reflection of you to all that they welcome

so wherever people come from they see you’re the real home.

Father and inventor

of bikes and each rider,

we stand with confidence and pledge to pray more,

we’re ready to enjoy your blessing – “Le Tour” on our shores!

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