praying for those affected by HIV and AIDS

Next Thursday is World AIDS Day (1 December). It’s an annual reminder of the vast impact of HIV and AIDS, particularly on some of the world’s poorest communities.

Please join us and many others over the next couple of weeks, in prayer for all those affected.

You might find these resources helpful:

– Prayer stations (designed for a vigil-style setting, intercessions or special service): “Responding to HIV, AIDS and poverty”
– Intercessions (a range of written prayers for use in services or personal reflections): “Responding to HIV, AIDS and poverty”
– Song (a thought-provoking protest song giving words to a voiceless orphan): “Unheard song”

You can find these resources in the especially topical section of our website:

Many other organisations also have resources to help you and your church engage with World AIDS Day – for example:

Christian Aid


24:7 prayer blog article “Our church has AIDS” and their daily prayer guides for November (part 1 and part 2) which you could continue to use into December as a focus for your prayers.

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