God with us and God still to come

Today is 1 December – and many people will start their celebrations of Advent, and World Aids Day. As we write, international leaders are meeting in Durban, South Africa for international climate talks, and people facing unemployment or debt in the UK and Europe are perhaps beginning to contemplate how they will manage Christmas this year.

As we celebrate our God with us and still to come, we remember all who are waiting this Advent.


Ever-present God, source of all love, hope and life –
God with us and God still to come –
We lift to you all who are waiting today.
We rejoice with all those who are joyfully expectant of change or breakthrough
And mourn with all those for whom it seems distant,
Or who are coping with the fear of bad news.

For poor communities still waiting for climate justice –
Lord Jesus please come.
For people living with AIDS and still waiting for access to medication, or desperate for a cure –
Lord Jesus please come.
For those waiting for HIV test results, or fearing stigma –
Lord Jesus please come.
For citizens longing for a return to stability and peace, or the right to freedom –
Lord Jesus please come.
For all who are hungry, thirsty and tired, or anxious about being able to pay bills –
Lord Jesus please come.
For all who are worried, distressed or burdened –
Lord Jesus please come.

God with us and God still to come,
Very-present help in trouble, delay and pain,
May your love and mercy be close – and active – for all who wait for you
And all who simply wait.

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