every saint’s day

Inspired by the resources we linked to in our last post, we decided to mark All Saints Day by talking to a number of Christian friends to find out from them the ‘saints’ who most inspire them in their walk of faith. Our plan was to come up with a couple per person and share them as an encouragement. But a pattern soon began to emerge that led us in a different direction.

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Each person’s list began to grow and grow – and we didn’t want to leave any of them out. And then there were the people we knew wouldn’t want to be mentioned publicly.

And so today, instead, we simply want to  give thanks for every saint, past or present, who has helped us journey forward – by example; by encouragement; through what they have created; or through their prayers – whether seen, or unseen. Today we choose to celebrate them all, saying:

“Every time your name comes up in my prayers, I say “Oh, thank you, God!”  (Philemon 4-7 in The Message)

We’re also praying for unity, and for the church in the UK, particularly after recent events at St Paul’s Cathedral. You might find it helpful to use our written prayers for unity, or our songs, We are in Christ and Your family to help you to remember every saint today.

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