praying for Halloween and All Saints Day

We’ve come across this series of videos and podcasts from Damaris, that we’d like to recommend to churches in the lead up to Halloween and All Saints Day.


Visit their website to view, download, or stream podcasts, and a calendar of videos featuring different people talking about ‘Heroes of the faith’ as they look towards celebrating Christians who have gone before us on 1st November, and seek to find meaningful, and Biblical, ways to connect with our contemporary culture’s growing fascination with Halloween.

Why not spend some time over the next week reflecting on your heroes of the faith – whether past or present – and sharing the encouragement and inspiration they provide with friends, family, and other church members… and look out for our article on the same theme, coming soon.

Over the coming week, join us in praying for:

– individuals and communities engaged in Halloween activities – pray for protection, particularly on children

– an increase of people wanting to celebrate the light, not darkness

– churches planning counter-cultural events or activities – particularly where these seek to engage with the wider community.

Please also join us in lifting up to God some of the places in our community, nation, and round the world where the battle between light and dark seem very real now, or where Christians are being persecuted. Our thoughts are especially with the people of Turkey; the Eurozone; Tunisia; and Libya; and with Christians in China, Zimbabwe, Iran and Iraq.

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