walking with East Africa

Please join us in praying for the 10 million people affected by the food crisis in the East and Horn regions of Africa, following the worst drought in sixty years.

Walking with East Africa

This week we have been working on an African continent addition to our Walk with the world creative prayer station resource series. Its first station is called ‘Re-imaging Africa’.

In the course of the creative prayers that follow, we are inviting people to intercede for Africa. And to allow God to change their perceptions of a continent that the media, and many people, have written off as aid-dependent, bad news, or simply too complicated to tackle.

We’re breaking off from creating the resource to write this blog -and to ask you to pray.

It’s bad news again – just months after a continuing food crisis in parts of West Africa hit the news, another region is hitting the headlines again; another drought; another worsening food crisis; another set of refugees fleeing (find out more from the BBC or Christian Aid).

But we would like you to pray with  hope, faith, and a belief that God has a different vision of, and for, Africa.

A vision of justice where the world stops giving with one hand in aid whilst taking with both in unfair trade and climate exploitation.

A vision of peace where tribal conflict is only read about in history.

A vision of plenty where local and international reforms, assistance and innovation all help to end extreme poverty.

Please remember this vision when you pray.

Please remember as you pray that every one of the 10 million people facing starvation unless they receive humanitarian help is a unique individual, precious to God – made in his image, known as deeply and loved as dearly as you.

No drought or famine is ever ‘just another story from Africa’ to our loving Father.

Please dare to pray for things that seem impossible right now. For miracles of softened hearts and generous hands in the church and around the world, and for supernatural provision for the people of Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.

And if you feel able to be part of the answer to your prayers, please give to Christian Aid or Tearfund.

If you’ve been to Africa, you’ll understand our words here even more. There’s something about the continent’s diverse and different people that catches hold of your heart. So we don’t apologise for our strength of feeling – but instead ask you to tap into yours.

We leave you with this prayer:

Father of life, to all who are hungry, give bread,
To all who are thirsty, send fresh water,
To all who are homeless, provide shelter,
And in all who are comfortable,
Stir up a passion and discomfort that cannot be ignored
Until there is no more injustice to feel uncomfortable about.

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