a prayer about Brexit

During UK Parliament Week earlier this month, our daily prayer rhythm spent five days focusing on different aspects of praying for Jesus shaped leadership in government. The daily emails that resourced this were incredibly helpful, so we’re in the process of adapting them into an ongoing resource. But we didn’t want to wait to share this simple, but particularly timely, prayer with which they finished…

However we each voted in the EU referendum, and whatever we think about the Brexit process, can we simply all pray together on this, united as one:

Lord Jesus,
flood all our conversations and prayers
around Brexit with your light and love.
Give us kindness for those who disagree with us
and gentleness towards all those who are leading us,
whatever we think about how they are doing this.
We dare to keep asking you together
for your wisdom, courage and humility to lead
the UK, Ireland and the EU forward from here.
And we declare, to our hearts, and the world, again,
it is you and you alone Lord Jesus
– not any other solution, government or institution –
in who we place all our hope for our future,

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