two trees to re-envision

We’ve just published a new pair of meditative poems. Use Two trees in prayer and reflection to inspire fresh vision during times of season change, transition and new beginnings.

Two trees (I)

Two trees
have captivated
this still widening heart;
two trees
blossom vision
for an oak set apart.

One tree
bore its choicest fruit
when dead wood on a hill;
the other
lives by life’s river
and gives healing leaves still.

The first
beckons me humbly;
redefine what is treasure.
The last
says ”what the first won
is for all and is forever”.

Both trees
draw up my gaze
to adore the One I seek;
both trees
move all my strength
towards nations and the least.

Two trees
have come to stand
for everything I know:
gives its life away –
and in love I long to grow.

Two trees (II)

Two trees
stand before me
each and every hour;
two trees
speak constant choice
between surrender and power.

One tree
silently signs
‘Wait, drink deep through planted roots’.
The other
usually clamours
‘Be the gardener – pick your own fruits’.

The first
stands steadfast strong
budding slow but constantly;
the last
has a quicker crop
but always drops deciduous leaves.

Surrendered growth
is my dearest dream
but still sometimes I seize
control’s tree’s
ripe temptation
to do right now just as I please.

Two trees
are here again
depicting both my choices;
Stream-side tree,
please lead this oak –
out-blossom your rival’s loud voices.

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