we’re taking flight

The Sanctuary’s time being based at our first physical home – 6 Church Street, Ilkley – is coming to an end, following us giving twelve months notice to leave the space this time last year. We’ll be taking flight on 31 August as another step towards creating a new base of our own and adjusting our current, public access model. And so we’re using these last few weeks of having our shop-front windows onto the A65 to begin sharing thank yous and goodbyes for the five years of generous hospitality given to us by All Saints Church…

To do this, we’ve brought together elements from two previous windows – created for Yorkshire Day 2015 and New Year 2016 – featuring the work of our two most talented artists – Alison Hodson and Barbara Macnish.

What better to say what we want to over this year’s Yorkshire Day (1 August) and as we prepare to enter another new season on the Sanctuary’s journey.

The text on the window reads:

“We’re taking flight!

We’ve loved sharing our prayers and creations with you through this space.

Thank you for having us All Saints Church! And goodbye and God bless to all our neighbours and passers by.”

It is then signed by the principal members of ‘team window’ – Jill, Liz, Alison and Barbara – on behalf of everyone at the Sanctuary.

It’s accompanied in our other window, by another goose and the following information, expressing our desire to say three things to every one local to our first base:

Thank you to:

  • All Saints Church for giving us rent-free use of this building for five years. 6 Church Street has been a huge blessing to us – and countless others – because of many of your members’ great generosity. We pray that everything that happens in this space after we leave – and your forthcoming wider building project – will continue to bless many people with the greatest gift we all have to share. Though we are of course deeply sad that your future plans no longer involve us, we remain deeply grateful for all you have given us.
  • everyone who has smiled at our windows, joined us to pray, got involved with our work, given us money, time, resources or talent or prayed for us during our time here.
  • our brilliant God – for his unchanging, unqualified and unequaled love and generosity.

See you soon!

We’ll still be based locally and so you’ll still see us out and about in Ilkley – and other towns and cities in the area – with our creative work. But we’re changing our model, as well as our address. So this is still a goodbye in terms of us having a constant high street presence.

(Although our prayer, resourcing and creative work aren’t changing, we’re no longer going to be offering public access to them all. Instead, we’re planning to build a small, studio base of our own at one of our members’ houses where we can all gather and work out of.)

God bless

Ilkley – we’ve loved sharing our creations with you and praying for you every day from this space. We’re going to miss being a part of your every day life but we’ll still be praying for you and sharing things with you. God bless the whole of you – every person and every inch – with a deeper knowledge of Jesus’ presence, which will never leave or forsake you.

We’re planning to work with landlords and councils going forward to make use of multiple, empty shop-fronts so this isn’t the end of our window work – but for this last of our first windows, the main team of creatives involved all got together to celebrate the journey of the last five years and raise a toast to the glass that has helped train them in this art of communicating the gospel in beautifully transparent ways:


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