a prayer for the USA as election day approaches

Every nation’s elections matter to us. We pray for every one we can – especially those who don’t become the focus of international headlines for months on end. They are especially important to us for that very reason. But the USA has such a significant international impact – and its presidential election has been so present in our headlines – that it has had to be a more significant and sustained focus for prayer in our daily rhythm by necessity.


To date though, we haven’t written any specific resources out of these prayer times to lead others’ prayers about the election. We didn’t feel specifically led to, and it has felt like others’ place to do this.

There is simply so much in the UK that we cannot and do not know or understand, and which some of our brothers and sisters in, and from, America are better placed to lead prayer over.

But today is different.

Because yesterday we received an email from a local youth group leader. One of her young people was deeply concerned about the USA election and wanted to pray about it.

He had remembered this non-partisan prayer, which we wrote on 23 June – the night of the EU Referendum in the UK – as we all committed to trust God whatever the outcome was, at the end of a 12 hour prayer vigil for our nation and Europe. And he chose to adapt the last stanza of it to find the words he needed to pray for America’s momentous decision…

Following his lead, we’ve slightly re-worked the whole prayer for those in the UK, other nations – or even perhaps the USA – who might find it helpful. And we’ve re-published it here as ‘a prayer for the USA as election day approaches’.

This is a prayer we feel qualified to lead our national and international pray-ers in authentically, and which enables us to express our heart to bless our brothers and sisters in the USA – whichever way they will be voting on 8 November. And to them in particular, just for a moment – we want to say that  our hearts will stay with you, praying for your nation long after our headlines have finished reporting your election news daily. God loves you – may he bless you and keep you, shine his face upon you and give you his peace.

A prayer for the USA as election day approaches

Father of nations,
thank you that the future of the USA, the Americas and the world
do not ultimately rest in the hands
of voters, politicians or anyone else
except you.

Ancient of days,
thank you for your faithfulness to the USA,
we choose to trust you – Alpha and Omega –
whatever the outcome
of the presidential election.

Lord of lords,
we, your people,
choose to put our hope in you
for it is you alone who faithfully brings forth justice
for us and for all the nations.

Author of wisdom,
help everyone who must decide in this hour of choice
when no one but you really knows what each outcome will bring
to listen to you,
and to speak and vote out of love

True king, saviour and friend,
thank you that there is always a redemptive way forward in you
whatever happens.
So either way, we will continue to humble ourselves
and pray for you to heal us, the USA, and the world.

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