a prayer for frustrated missionaries

At the start of October, Gillian Wright came to spend a week at the Sanctuary, to experience our full prayer rhythm. She led some prayer for the creative arts, and also tried her hand at some creating of her own.

praying for peace... in humility

We particularly loved this simple prayer she wrote during her time here, and what it voices about God’s grace to use us just as we are; every context being a mission-field; and the importance of a prayer-led approach to mission. So we decided to share it with you all too:

A prayer for frustrated missionaries

Start where you’re at.
Don’t go looking further,
God is great enough.

Start where you’re at.
On your knees praying to the Father;
eyes shut, thoughts gathering.

Start where you’re at.
Out of your experience,
from who you are –
faults and failings too.

Start where you’re at.



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