the wooden girl’s story window

We’re delighted to be able to share pictures of our latest story window, created and assembled on Friday. It brings to life the poignantly beautiful story of The Wooden Girl’s Dancing Dream which passers by can take copies of – and which you can download to read too.


The Wooden Girl’s Dancing Dream is a short story by author Liz Baddaley, which was partly inspired by Philippa Hanna’s song, New For Old, which you can listen to here.

We wanted to bring the opening of the story – which begins in a junk shop – to life, by surrounding our wooden girl with boxes and creating a dream sequence like image to hang above her.

Gifted artist, Barabra Macnish, painted this bespoke artwork, using the vintage Pelham toy that we had sourced to play the part of the wooden girl herself, as the basis for her design.

The opening lines of the story are written on one of the cardboard boxes:

“Our story has a beginning but that is not where we will start. This time we will enter it at point of broken heart…”

Lots of people are already stopping and clearly enjoying the visuals. And already quite a few are taking the story that’s available in a dispenser just beneath the wooden girl herself.

We pray the wooden girl’s story will speak deeply to them – and to you.

Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy too:








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