a peace-builder’s prayer

Today we turned our large A65-facing window into a dry-stone wall. Not to shut people out of course! But to inspire drivers and passers-by to join in with building peace through prayer and action.

peace builder window

The window also contains Isaiah 61:4 and a specially writen prayer inspired by dry-stone wall building that you can use in other contexts too…

A peace-builder’s prayer

Master-Builder, I come with work-ready hands
to craft peaceful communities with you.
Word by word, action by action,
help me persist in choosing what is constructive
to build others up and bring rough edges together for good.
And most of all Lord, give me courage to leave space
between what I lay in place, inviting your Spirit to enter in,
making all I build strong and flexible enough to stand and remain.

The window – and prayer – were inspired by a time of prayer earlier this summer (which also inspired this creative resource designed to help people pray about building peace) in which we focused on God as Peace-Maker and built our own mini dry-stone wall in prayer.

It’s great to be able to share what God showed us to so many people, and in such different ways…

(The beautiful artwork raising our sights beyond the wall is an original piece by Barbara Macnish, which was originally created for the cover of our album: Moving with his heart. Find out how you can order CDs or download the songs for free here)



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