olympic prayer

We’ve just uploaded a new resource – created for the little windows at our centre, and shared with you too – to help everyone bless the Olympics and the good they have the potential to do. Our simple visual prayer points and written prayer can be downloaded as a PPT to project or a PDF to print – whatever’s most helpful for you…


We’d also like to recommend that you further fuel your prayers by keeping an eye on UNHCR’s blog on #TeamRefugees and that you share these amazing Struggle and Triumph films from Athletes in Action as widely as you possibly can – and make sure you don’t miss out on watching them too!

Let’s pray together now:

Christ the Redeemer,
as the world watches the scenes gathered beneath your memorial in Rio,
we come to you – our loving, living God – knowing you watch over every one of your global children there… and here.
You know even more than us just how much our world needs to come together at this time.
Bless these games to truly build love and peace; protect Brazil and every person currently in Rio; and open the world’s arms to mirror yours, so that all refugees can finally  be welcomed in.

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