prayer points for such a time as this

Since Friday’s EU Referendum result was announced, our headlines have been full of momentous news as the impact of the decision to leave the EU reverberates around the UK. At such a time of shaking, it’s more important than ever that we – the people of God – remember to trust in him. He alone is our unshakeable foundation, the only true solid rockĀ  for ourselves, our nation, and every nation to build on.

Europe sanc map

As we respond to the following headlines from the last few days, and the current and emerging situation in the UK and beyond, including:

  • the Brexit result itself and its direct implications for our nation
  • the ramifications for the EU, Europe and the rest of the world of this result
  • the resignation of the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron
  • ongoing resignations and leadership struggles within the Labour Party and shadow cabinet
  • continued instability in the financial markets, here in the UK and worldwide
  • divisions within the UK, from the individual household up to the national level – and everything in between
  • a sharp increase in racist abuse and threats, especially towards EU citizens currently living in the UK.

the following areas for urgent prayer are coming into focus. Please join us over the next few days and weeks in:

  • praising God that he is constant, faithful and totally reliable, choosing to trust in him always
  • praying for reconciliation in damaged relationships at every level – between families, friends, churches, communities, the regions and nations of the UK, EU member states, and every nation in Europe and worldwide
  • interceding for an end to racist attacks and militant nationalism
  • asking God to raise up strong, visionary and righteous leaders in all spheres – but especially in government – and to give them huge wisdom
  • crying out that people would turn to God in their confusion, fear or anxiety and that they would receive his hope, comfort and love
  • asking for God’s protection for the most vulnerable in our society, especially those who will be hardest hit and least able to cope with the predicted economic downturn
  • lifting those whose current work or situation is directly reliant on EU funding or other arrangements
  • thanking God for the beautiful diversity of nations and cultures across the world, and praying for any nations and international people groups that are likely to be negatively affected by the UK’s decision
  • praying for God’s light and hope to deliver and lift any fellow Christians who are feeling particularly weighed down with a sense of heaviness or despair following the events of the last few days, particularly if this is preventing them from praying or discouraging them in their work to spread the gospel and/or bring about justice and peace in this nation or internationally
  • praying for the church in the UK – and across Europe – to arise and be distinctive by:
    • repenting of where we have put our trust in the things and systems of this world ourselves, rather than hoping in God
    • demonstrating a healthy way to lament or express righteous anger where needed
    • showing that unity and diversity can be embraced together through the love of Christ
    • choosing to be peace-makers, visionaries and active, sacrificial agents for change in our nations and beyond
    • boldly witnessing to the sure and certain hope we have in Christ in all situations.

You might also find the written prayer we published on Friday helpful – a prayer for today… and the days ahead

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