a prayer for today… and tonight as we wait

Father of nations,
thank you that the future of the UK, the EU and Europe
do not ultimately rest in the hands
of voters, politicians or anyone else
except you.

Ancient of days,
thank you for your faithfulness to our nation and continent,
we choose to trust you – Alpha and Omega –
whatever the UK decides
in this EU Referendum.

Lord of lords,
we, your people in the UK
choose to put our hope in you
for it is you alone who faithfully brings forth justice
for us and for all the nations.

Author of wisdom,
help us in this hour of choice
when no one but you really knows what each outcome will bring
to listen to you,
and to speak and vote out of love

True king, saviour and friend,
thank you that there is always a redemptive way forward in you
whatever happens.
So either way, we will continue to humble ourselves
and pray for you to heal us, our land, and our continent.

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