vital new resource for EU Referendum prayer

We’ve just published a vital new collection of prayer resources – for the UK and Europe on and around the EU Referendum (Thursday 23 June). Designed to be completely non-partisan, and to serve Christians seeking to pray about their and others’ decision-making, it includes comprehensive prayer points, a written prayer and a set of eight creative prayer stations. Please do make use of any or all of it that might help you pray at this crucial time for the UK and Europe.

Europe sanc map

The prayer stations within this resource have been created for the Sanctuary’s prayer vigil on the day of the Referendum itself – so if you’re local, do join us before or after voting. But we decided to advance publish them today – on the 1 June – so that others could use them over the next few days, or organise their own vigil on the day of the Referendum too.

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