new gathering and envisioning prayers

We’ve updated our collection of gathering and envisioning prayers with three new additions today. Here’s a preview of the new ones, which have all come out of recent times of prayer:


Gathering prayer declaring a faith-filled perspective as we pray

Lord Jesus,
before we even read the headlines today
and seek your heart to inform ours
as we intercede with you for those in need,
we choose to remember and declare again
the life-giving truth we believe and see
all other things through:

This is your world
and you are still sovereign over it.
You have not lost control,
walked out or given up.
We are all your children
and you have not lost interest in,
or compassion for, any one of us in seven billion.

You came to save us because you love us
and your sacrifice defeated death once and for all.
You promised to never leave or forsake your disciples
and you have kept that promise
to every one of your followers ever since.
And you sent your Spirit to continue your work until you return –
and he is here with us – now.

You are still completely loving
and always perfectly just.
You are for us not against us
and you are actively involved
in the realities of nations
and the lives of each individual
you have created.

You are wholly good
and there is no shadow of darkness in you.
You are permanently consistent and constant
and your heart, motives,
decisions and actions
can always be trusted and relied upon
with total certainty.

Lord Jesus,
Before we even read the headlines today,
and seek your heart to inform ours
as we intercede with you for those in need,
we remember and cling to these truths
with faith in the One we come to
who has all things and people in his unfailing hands.

Gathering prayer expressing thanks for a new day and new mercies, inspired by Psalm 96

We will sing to the Lord a new song;
and call out to the whole earth to join us.
For his mercies are new every morning
and even our old songs become fresh again
as his Spirit moves through them
and writes layer after layer of truth-validating story
from our lives behind their words and lines.

We will sing to the Lord and praise his name;
we will proclaim his salvation day after day.
For although his redemption was done once and for all,
still he keeps transforming our hearts and situations
as his Spirit moves through them
and creates testimony after testimony of truth-validating story
in our lives as we experience him at work.

We will declare his glory among the nations,
and celebrate his marvellous deeds among all peoples.
For he keeps confiding his heart in ours
and we have seen him do what he has said he will
as his Spirit moves among us
and brings breakthrough after breakthrough of truth-validating story
through our prayers as we agree with him.

Yes Lord, your mercies are new every morning – so we will sing.
Yes Lord, your mercies are new every morning – we will declare it.
Yes Lord, your mercies are new every morning – we love living in your presence.
Yes Lord, your mercies are new every morning – we give you praise for yesterday
and wait with certain hope and expectation for what you will do today.

Gathering prayer expressing total dependence, inspired by Psalm 90

Oh Lord, our Lord
from everlasting to everlasting
You have been, are and always will be –

You alone have been and are our dwelling place,
for history rests within eternity,
and our world is held together
entirely by the power of your loving hand.

Where else would we go?
Where else would we want to be
but here in your presence?
Oh Lord, our Lord, we run to you.

So on this very morning within our total history,
flood our hearts with the unfailing love of eternity
so we might constantly keep singing for joy
at who you are and all you have done.

We need you every hour of the day today
so in your mercy and goodness
rest your favour Lord God upon us
and please, yes, please, establish the work of our hands.

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