#YouAreLOVED! preparing buckets of love

After creating our new window and sending out a hundred cards, a small team of our pray-ers have again gathered today to prepare buckets of love to take out on the streets of Ilkley tomorrow to share the message #YouAreLOVED with even more people…

loved 16 buckets of love

We’re super excited to give these beautiful living messages of love away: we’ll be gathering extra early tomorrow morning to pray together before we go out round the town centre to lay these Fairtrade roses (together with their LOVED tags and badges) on benches, doorsteps, postboxes… and anywhere else where people will see and find them.

Here are some more pics of the gifts and some of our wonderful volunteers making them.

If you’re near to Ilkley, you might want to come into town early tomorrow!

loved 16 rose

loved 16 back of rose tag

loved 16 roses in vase shot

loved 16 rose action shot

loved 16 rose assembline line 2



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