#YouAreLOVED! sending out the message

Once our new LOVED! window had gone up, we were able to turn our attention to part two of our #YouAreLOVED! activities for this year…

loved 16 card

Together our pray-ers were able to name almost 100 organisations and businesses who make Ilkley a more loving place to live in that they wanted to nominate to receive one of our specially designed ‘you are LOVED!’ cards.

Since then, we’ve been praying for all these organisations, giving thanks for them and then a small team of us have been writing messages to the teams at each place.

It’s been another labour of love – and full of encouragement and thanksgiving too – as we’ve realised just how many people in our town go above and beyond.

It’s great to take the time and trouble to tell them about the difference they make, and also to let them know just why we place such a high price on love in action.

The message inside each card we’re posting today is completely unique to the people receiving it, but the message on the back reads the same. Here is what it says:

This card has been specially designed, printed and written for you by the Sanctuary’s cross-church praying community to thank you for making Ilkley a more loving place to live in. And to celebrate God’s love – shown through Jesus – for everyone in our town. You are LOVED! Today and every day.

We’re praying the cards will prove to be a huge blessing to everyone who receives one and that they will truly know and believe that they are indeed loved – by God and by us!

loved 16 list cards and envelopes

loved 16 ready to post

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