a daily prayer for COP21

Today is the first of twelve days of International Climate Talks in Paris as the UN meets for its 21st round of attempts to agree a global and effective action plan to reduce emissions and help nations to adapt to the changing climate. This morning our 9AM rhythm focused solely on these significant talks. We’ve written this prayer for you to use each morning of the talks, coming out of that time:


Healer of nations,
we join with the world
to face Paris again today –
but this time in hope…

…And in thanks:
for a city brave enough to still host these talks
for leaders determined enough to still attend them
and for more than 2,500 marches of support
by ordinary people all around the globe.

And today, Lord, we ask:
for bravery to make strong and sacrificial decisions
for determination to find creative ways forward
and for more support
for ordinary people in the poorest nations around the globe.

Please Lord, in your mercy today:
protect these vital talks –
and every venue and person involved –
send your Spirit to inhabit every key discussion,
enable people to listen with soft hearts,
speak with kindness and clarity,
think with a wisdom and insight beyond themselves
and make creative and just policies as a result.

Let these talks finally come of age –
help us all to grow up enough
to follow your lead and work together
to find real and binding solutions
for the sake of every one you so love today
and all those you so love who are coming tomorrow.

Please Lord, this very day,
inspire commitments to reduce emissions,
limit global temperature rise
and help those already affected to adapt.

Healer of nations,
we join with the world
to face Paris again today –
but this time in hope.

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