prayer vigil for peace and the refugee crisis

Join us at any point between 8AM and 8PM on Wednesday 11 November to pray for peace and those affected by war, especially the more than 50 million refugees and internally displaced people fleeing conflict and persecution at the current time. Poster available to download here

peace vigil lead image

You can come for just a few moments or as along as you want; alone or with friends and/or family. There will be a number of reflective resources in the space to help you think and bring your questions and struggles to God.

Everyone is welcome – even if they’ve never been to a prayer event before!

Except for a warm welcome as you come in and a hot drink to take round with you if you’d like one, you’ll be left to your own devices, can only join in the bits that are helpful, go round at your pace and leave whenever you want… so it’s a great event to try the Sanctuary out with for the first time.

(Please use the back door for this event, so as not to disturb people already praying in the main space.)

If you want an idea of the kind of thing that will available for you to use in the Sanctuary, you could take a look at this brand new resource we’ve written which showcases a couple of the ‘prayer stations’ we’ll be using.

111115 peace vigil poster

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