ready to GLOW again

The fairy lights are hung; the pumpkins are carved with hearts and stars; and our beautiful 7ft angel sculpture is back, with a new make-over and a pool of stars at her feet… it’s official, we are ready to GLOW with THE LIGHT OF LOVE all over again.

GLOW 15 pic lead

Our 2015 Made To GLOW window has gone up today and it’s the first of our art of love made known creative installations that we’ve repeated, following such a great response to Alison Hodson’s amazing glowing angel sculpture last year…

But new things are coming over the next few days too...

Just like on Valentine’s and Yorkshire Day, we’ve designed and made some creative gifts for our community of pray-ers to give away on Saturday afternoon and evening:

GLOW 15 pic 6

But this weekend we won’t be in the town centre giving them out together. Instead some of us will be taking some home to give out in our respective neighbourhoods –  especially to anyone who might knock on our doors.

Then very early in the morning on Sunday 1 November, there’s a surprise coming… the pumpkins will come out of the window and they’ll be replaced by a stunning, glowing gallery of stars – we can’t wait to share it with you as soon as it’s made.

Whatever you’re choosing to do, or not do, this weekend, God bless you.

Our prayer is that Jesus shines the LIGHT OF HIS LOVE brightly through you, so you can do what you were made for – and GLOW BRIGHTLY to transform the darkness around you.

GLOW 15 pic 2

pumpkin fairy lights

GLOW 15 pic 5

GLOW 15 pic 9

GLOW 15 pic 10

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