for Turkey, and to the one who loves her most

Turkey’s been on our hearts a lot recently – especially since we had a visit from someone there who was able to fill us in with so much more depth, accuracy and insight than we would normally have access to from the media. There is currently only a temporary government, notable division in society, and significant elections are approaching on Sunday 1 November. And now this weekend’s horrific attacks and ensuing protests have devastated a nation already on a precipice.

So here is our prayer for Turkey – to the one who loves her most – inspired by some of the opening and closing lines of  Psalm 120:

We call out to the Lord in our distress
and alongside those who feel most the unimaginable anguish of Ankara.
We call on the Lord – the one who lives and who loves Turkey the most
for we know he will hear us and answer.
We call on the Lord for every individual in this gateway nation,
so infinitely treasured as uniquely precious to him.
We cry out for comfort, for protection and for peace
and mourn for all that has been lost and all that has been threatened.

Lord Jesus, this weekend the people of Turkey were truly like the psalmist,
who cried out in anguish at living too long among those who hate peace,
the one who spoke out for peace but was only met by war.
Oh Lord Jesus, you said peace-makers are blessed,
so please draw close to all who were at Saturday’s march
and please Lord Jesus, please, deliver this nation
from all that would seek to stir up or spread hatred, disorder and war.

Lord Jesus, we look ahead to the elections on Sunday 1st of November
and together with each and every one of your saints in Turkey and across the world
we speak a blessing of your deep, whole shalom peace here;
and we ask you for an effective, stable and righteous government
to emerge and secure a safe and free future for the Turkish people,
devoid of all deceit and corruption ,
and safe from any influence by, or attack from, I.S.
or anyone or anything else that would seek to destabilise or destroy what is good.

In your precious name,
because of your great love
and with complete confidence in your wisdom
our hearts cry out for a miracle
and secure Turkey’s people, her borders and her future,
soon and completely Lord Jesus we pray.

Editor’s note: Our contact in Turkey has recommended this recent BBC news analysis article as one of the most helpful summaries of the situation available if you would like to understand more about the situation here, and how it links to the wider refugee crisis too.


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