a love poem

It’s always a delight to meet new pray-ers and new creatives. And Helen Connell from Leeds has been no exception. As well as praying with us, she shared some of her writing. We loved this prayer-poem and the heart it conveys to walk alongside our neighbours authentically, which was inspired by 1 Corinthians 13. So we asked if we could share it more widely so it could encourage you too.


I cannot hold your hand
without feeling the pain.
My words are like sand
when you really want grain.
I know my needs,
I should know yours.
Tempting to throw seeds
until the food pours.
Talking won’t change things
but how can I do love?
I know that what I give
should be without strings,
only with the strength of God’s love
sustaining me to live
as God created me to be, say and do.

This resource is available as a downloadable/printable pdf on our articles and poetry page.

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