prayers for Macmillan and all affected by cancer

It’s our first week back open at the Sanctuary’s centre. And on Friday, we’re joining millions of others across the world in holding a Cake tastes better together event for Macmillan Cancer Support and to gather together our local community. And because we’re thinking about Macmillan, we’re thanking God for them… and that’s led to us writing these prayers; so we decided to share them with you – and with them:


A prayer for MACMILLAN NURSES and other carers

Lord Jesus, you say, ‘if you’re tired and worn out,
come to me and I will give you rest.’

Thank you for all the Macmillan nurses and other carers
who echo your love in the care they give,
the time they lavish,
the words they speak
and the tears they cry.

Lord Jesus, give them a place of rest and comfort too
where they know how treasured they are
and can process their own grief and strain.

Give them energy when their strength is failing,
stretch time and capacity for them when they need it,
provide them with kind words or safe silence when patients and families reach the end of themselves
and lead them to gentle places and people where they too can be cared for and have space to mourn.
Help those around them to speak words of encouragement
and above all Lord Jesus,
please reveal to each Macmillan nurse today
the priceless worth of the work they do
in ministering to each one that you so love.

A prayer for all affected by cancer in any way

Lord Jesus,
thank you that you promise
to weep with those who weep,
and to comfort all who mourn
Thank you too for the solace of friends and family,
the dedication of researchers
the care of medical staff, carers, charities and volunteers
and for the beauty and joy of life that penetrates sorrow.
Thank you also for the promise of a day
when there will be no more tears, sickness or death

But today that day is not fully here yet
and so we ask you again to do what you are always doing –
to weep with us,
to offer us comfort,
to whisper confident love into our fears,
to meet us in our pain, our longings and our breakthroughs,
to fill us with the strength to give and receive comfort from others,
to help us form words for goodbyes good remembering and love
and to embrace silence and space when we need them.
And above all please show us there is hope
and you are hope
and you are always here with us all.

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