a pivotal prayer for peace

We’ve added a pivotal prayer for peace to our collection of written prayers interceding for peace to come to conflict situations.

pivotal peace

Praying for peace is now a daily occurrence at the Sanctuary. And this emphasis shows no signs of shifting soon as our headlines continue to report growing violence and more refugees than at any other time in history since World War II.

A pivotal prayer for peace was inspired by a time of intercession where we spent our morning rhythm kneeling on our world map carpet and replacing stones with nations’ names on with soft, playdough hearts inspired by the image of God replacing hearts of stone with hearts of flesh in Ezekiel (11:19 and 36:26).

We found ourselves – of course – praying for the hearts of individual leaders… and among them particularly for the ones only God could fully know to be pivotal that day.

This written prayer has sought to capture the heart and emphasis of that day to help us all as we continue to pray for peace.

A pivotal prayer for peace

God of all people and all places –
who formed each person in their mother’s womb
and knows each heart inside out –
we come to you in confidence
that you can see across borders
behind closed doors
and into the very motives of each person.

We pray today for all people of position , power or influence
with the means to make peace where there currently is none.
We ask that where they have hardened hearts of stone,
you would soften them again into flesh that has compassion for others
and a desire to carry out your purposes of justice and righteousness.

And we pray most of all for those who are especially pivotal today–
those who have softened hearts, or some ground of softness in their hearts,
or those who are beginning to question and to let in the light,
who can speak up for truth and be heard today;
give them boldness and use them to soften others
and bring about strategic and lasting change
for the sake of all who are suffering and afraid
and your Son who died for every single one.

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