new studio recording of simply surrendered

We’ve uploaded a new resource. We call Simply Surrendered the Sanctuary’s journey song because it really is. It was when it was first written, and it becomes even more so with every season we journey through. Because its simple prayer to just worship and follow while God establishes things remains our resolve. And every time we sing it, it has grown richer with meaning as more and more testimonies of what he can do with lives that are simply surrendered stack up behind it.

simply surrendered

We’re thrilled to be able to release this song – dedicated to Anne Garside, who has been so key to the Sanctuary being able to obey and grow into where God has led it – in this brand new, studio version.

We hope you enjoy it and find it helps you keep the main thing the main thing too.

You can download it together with the story behind it and a chord sheet so you can play it too from our songs page.

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