a prayer of thanks for – and blessing on – Greece

Like many others, we have been praying for Greece – and Europe – a lot. Not just in recent days and weeks, but for months rolling into years. But at present are hearts are heavy every day with the burden facing ordinary men and women. Can you pray this prayer with us today and every day this week as Greece faces tomorrow’s deadline and Sunday’s EU decision? It isn’t about any one political position or the Eurozone… it’s about thanks and blessing and it’s about the beautiful people of Greece – each one loved and treasured by God:

greek flag

Father God, thank you that you hold the nation of Greece in your hands
and you look on it not with judgement, disappointment or despair
but with deep, hopeful and ever-watchful, transformative love
for each of its unique and precious 11 million people.
Thank you that you see Greece as a gem stone, radiant with the beauty
you have weaved into its landscape, its heritage, its legacy and its people.

Father God, show us your heart of love for Greece today
and move us – like you – to delight in, and mourn with, its people.
We want to thank you for Greece today;
for boats and beaches,
blinding white buildings against azure blue sky,
delicious food, rock-flowers, hill-paths
and incredible connections to the past.
Thank you for hospitable people who welcome strangers to their shores
through tourism and – even in the midst of their recent struggles –
through the sanctuary they are offering to those fleeing terror we can’t imagine.
Thank you for the Greek language which carried our scriptures to us
and for the churches so many of the New Testament epistles were written too.
Thank you for the place Greek logic has had in creating apologetics for your gospel
that helped translate it to minds devoted to rationalism
and of which we are still feeling the benefits of today.
Thank you for all that is unique about Greece
and all it contributes to Europe and its people – today and through the weight of history.
Thank you especially for the role Greece played in 1953 in cancelling Germany’s debt
which contributed to the prosperity this other precious nation enjoys today
and even its ability to stand as Greece’s largest creditor at the present time.

Loving and interceding Lord Jesus,
thank you that you have not forgotten Greece.
You died for her, sent missionaries to her
and are her most passionate advocate today –
stirring your people across the world to pray for her.
In your mercy, give more of your church your heart of mercy
and cause us to listen to you, pray with you and act as you lead
for the sake of each one of the precious Greek people you love.
Forgive us where we have judged or not taken the time to understand
and lead us to your creative, righteous solution to the complicated politics and finances
that dwarf our intellects and confuse our priorities.

Lord Jesus, we have been interceding with you for many months
for Greece’s role as the trafficking capital of Europe to end.
And we pray in the midst of the nation’s current struggle
you would bring this good from the terrible pain the nation is facing
by dismantling the power structures of those seeking to buy and sell your precious children.
We ask you at this precarious time to especially guard all Greece’s own young women and children
and to protect all her most vulnerable people through your mercy and your church.

Powerful and transforming Spirit,
characterised by gentleness, humility, peace and love,
move among us all now – Greeks, Europeans, ordinary people, financial experts and politicians –
and help us to listen, surrender and follow your best plan for Greece at this time.
We do not know what is right and we desperately need your help.
We particularly plead for your wisdom to influence decision-makers in Greece and Europe;
we ask that they would act in the full knowledge of what has gone before
and be especially attentive to the consequences of the decisions they are making
on the behalf of so many people outside the rooms in which they meet.

Bless the people of Greece we pray – with mercy, favour and a hopeful future –
and lead all of Europe to build on firmer foundations than money once more.
God who is one – Father, Spirit, Son – teach us what unity and community really look like
and realign us once more to your righteousness and love.

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