the secret beauty of sand

We’re thankful for being given permission to make co-founder Liz Baddaley’s new allegorical short story for all ages – The Secret Beauty of Sand – available on the Sanctuary’s website. We’re also excited to be able to tell you that, just as with its sister story The Blossom-Maker, we will soon be turning it into an art of love made known window at our centre. Watch this space…

sand low res

Meanwhile, here’s a bit more about the story behind this story – what inspired it and the deeper meaning it’s pointing to:

The Secret Beauty of Sand was written earlier this year after it’s author discovered the amazing truth that every grain of sand is unique. Magnified just 110-250 times their true colours and shapes come through… take a look at some of Dr Gary Greenberg’s microphotography of it here.

The Bible regularly uses a shore full of grains of sand as a metaphor or shorthand picture for a number too big to get your head round

The people were as many as the grains of sand on a seashore… God’s loving thoughts towards each one of us are as many as the grains of sand on a seashore…

All numbers too huge to be visualised.

Here’s a number from today that’s too big to get your head round. 7 billion. Its how many people are alive in the world today.And just like the grains of sand – each one is completely unique.

It’s quite a staggering thought! And it’s the secret meaning of what this story that’s seemingly about sand is really getting at

Well that and the extraordinary Beauty they are all merely just a small glimpse and reflection of.

Are you sitting comofortably? Then let’s begin…

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