still I come

Today, thanks to our brilliant volunteer scorer, we’ve been able to add sheet music alongside the audio and chord sheet for Still I come – making it even easier for you to learn and use this simple congregational worship song.


We find this song helpful because it expresses  a desire to come to God however we are feeling. If our circumstances are shaking us, if the headlines are shaking us Рno matter, he is big enough to take our shaking! He never shifts or shakes; he never fades and fails.

This is the God we come to – pouring out our hearts honestly just like the psalmists did before us. The important thing is simply that we come – that we always come.

You can read more about what first inspired it to be written more than four years ago here.

Reading the story behind this song again now – with the Sanctuary’s website being live for more than four years, and it’s centre well over two and a half – is a wonderful testimony to answered prayer…

As you’ll read, our co-founder Liz wrote this song in the early days of the Sanctuary’s journey before any of its vision had become reality and the struggle to trust expressed in the song was over waiting to see whether God would indeed do what he had promised.

Financial sacrifice, location change and lots of waiting and uncertainty… no wonder there were days of doubt and struggle. But now, to look back… wow! And what encouragement for the things we’re all struggling with today.

Truly we are always welcome to come and be honest with him. This is our sacrifice of praise.

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