on election day

We wanted to share what we’re praying for today with you so you can join us… so here’s what we’re praying for politicians to experience over the next few days, and our daily whiteboard for today with our prayer points on voting, candidates and the new government…


Here’s our board for today. We were particularly challenged that the characteristic of God that has come round is Judge. How often do we judge our politicians? Even though judgement is only God’s… Join us to pray for them as people, us as voters and the new government going forward.

election day board

Our politicians wear labels that define them and sometimes contribute to us making them two dimensional; colours and party names, polling figures, experienced, marginal seat, slim chance…

But God’s banner over us is love. And each individual is precious to him. That’s why we’re focusing on politicians as people today and praying for new things to be ‘written’ over them….


The ‘rosettes’ we’re praying our elected MPs will wear include: vision, integrity, courage, heart to serve the people, clarity, dedication, good listener, open mind to change perspective, wisdom, good counsel, work/life balance, ability to speak up for what is right even if unpopular…

What do you want to bless these 650 people with? What characteristics do you long for our nation’s leaders to exhibit and govern from?


More than two thousand people will lose their job or not gain the role they had dedicated so much to campaigning for following today’s results. Our ‘rosettes’ for them include: space, ability to process, privacy, new vision, purpose, direction, understanding, comfort, clarity, rest and encouragement.

If you were in their shoes – not getting a job when everyone knows you went for it and having invested months in preparation… how would you feel? What would you need to know and experience?

Let’s pray for our politicians – successfully elected or not – first and foremost as people and as children of God. And not just today but going forward from here. And let’s ask God to show us how we can encourage and affirm them more too.



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