a new season for the Sanctuary

Tomorrow is the start of our summer term. And it’s also the start of a new season for the Sanctuary’s ministry… as part of our commitment to constantly follow where we sense God is leading us next.


Our core vision and work remains completely unchanged. We will still be running our daily times of outward focused worship and prayer. We will still be creating outward focused worship resources and giving them away through our free online library to inspire, equip and challenge the church.

And we will also still be seeking to embody our vision in our community through our window art and exploring other emerging creative projects to take God’s love and truth beyond our walls.

But one of the ways we’ve previously been embodying our vision locally is coming to an end. Following several months of prayer and discernment, we have decided to no longer offer drop-in services at our centre.

We have much to celebrate from two and a half years of running this ministry alongside our core work – a significant number of individuals lives have been deeply touched through practical and pastoral support; deep community and friendship has been built right across our community of pray-ers; and a huge amount of learning has happened.

But in order to respond to the brilliant and significant growth in our core work – and to follow where God seems to be leading us in exploring new projects that embody our vision locally through creativity – we came to a unanimous decision that it was right and good to end the season of operating drop-in services each morning, or of continuing to facilitate the drop-in culture that has grown around them.

If you would like to chat about the Sanctuary’s work, visit the space to look around or explore the possibility of booking the space or working in partnership with us, please now email info@thesanctuarycentre.org with your request or to make an appointment to meet with one of us in person rather than just calling by without getting in touch first.

This is another opportunity to thank everyone who’s helped make this ministry possible over the last couple of years, so we’re not missing it. Thank you again!

It’s also an opportunity to share with you that whilst we look back with amazement and thanksgiving at what God has done through drop-in, we are experiencing a huge sense of freedom and excitement in letting go of it (and its inevitable challenges and limitations) to embrace all that is happening now and coming soon.

The Sanctuary never wants to stay still. We want to be flexible and always ready to respond and move on as God leads… so we’re never surprised to be changing direction or seeing something new open up. But, as with any significant change or milestone, we would still hugely appreciate your prayers at this time of transition and adjustment for our team and community.

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