the source of all new life

We’ve just put the finishing touches to our outreach window for Easter…

living water window

The sign next to the over-flowing well seeks to put our Easter symbols of new life into perspective next to the source and the centre of the whole story of Holy Week.

living water window sign

Jesus says he’s like living water – the source of all new life. He says trusting him is like drinking fresh water that becomes a well-spring in you – bubbling up and bringing new life for always. (Our experience it really does feel like that.)”

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Tonight we’re finishing our term with Awaken the Dawn – a night of prayer for the UK to rediscover what Easter morning means… one of the key inspirations for this is the statistics released by the Bible Society last year about just how many children do not know – and even haven’t heard – the Easter story.

This window is part of our prayer – as well as an invitation in itself – that please God he would help us to make the source of love known to our nation again.

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