walking with Vanuatu in prayer

For many people, Saturday’s headlines were the first time they had heard of a nation called Vanuatu… after all it certainly hasn’t been front page news in recent history. But at the Sanctuary we are in some small part familiar with the hopes and dreams of this nation. We count it one of the greatest privileges of our ministry to cycle through praying through every nation in the world again and again. And given where we are in the cycle at present, we last prayed for this archipelago nation on 16 February at end of day prayer…

Walking with the nations is a beautiful privilege – and a constant inspiration to challenge and question our own cultural assumptions and interpretations of following Jesus. But it is also heart-breaking. The more we connect with God’s heart and his 7 billion children in more than 200 countries, the more we rejoice in their breakthroughs… but also the more their tragedies touch us personally. This is of course how it should be. And this is the place we’re praying for Vanuatu from.

Would you join us here? Sharing their journey as summarised through the information and prayer provided here as well as in the pictures and reports filling our headlines this week.

And when you have read these, and gained a sense of this beautiful people and their recent incredible re-commitment to Christ as a nation – as well as their current struggle – here are some things you might find helpful to pray with:

Prayer song: Healer of nations

Prayer song: For the sake of the poor  and prayer video of the same – here

Written prayers: in response to climate change

A special prayer for Vanuatu’s prayers to be answered (inspired by Isaiah 42:1-4)

Lord Jesus you promised not to put out a smouldering wick
or to bruise a damaged reed
but instead that you would not falter or be discouraged
until you bring justice to the nations.

Thank you that these islands have sought to put their hope in your law
and in your very self Lord Jesus,
and that even their president has sought to lead the nation
back to you in a recent recommitment of faith.

Honour your children here we pray
as the world looks on people and islands they usually forget
but which you inifinitely and constantly treasure
as vitally precious to you.

In your great mercy bring flowers from the ashes
of Vanuatu’s devastation
that make the world remember their responsibilities
to nations suffering the results of others’ excess consumption.

And would you speed every help that your children here need
in aid, rebuilding and assistance for disaster preparedness
and even – in your incredible grace – answer Vanuatu’s prayer
to be a bright jewel in the Pacific that points to you.

Strengthen especially the hearts of those that know you so well in these islands
that they might stay soft towards you
and minister your truth and practical love
to their neighbours, visiting reporters, aid workers and even the world.

And write Vanuatu’s name on the hearts of people from many nations
so it is not forgotten as the news moves on
but continues to remind us of the cost of our lifestyles and the extent of our wrong priorities
and leads us to change both for the sake of all you so love.

Many aid agencies are sending finances through existing links, but Tearfund has launched a specific emergency appeal if you are able to give as well as pray.



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