a down to earth prayer for peace…

Sometimes conflicts like the present one in Ukraine can be difficult to connect to. A nation may be largely unfamiliar to us before it hits the headlines and even then competing with other places – and other wars – that demand our attention. But thank God he answers our prayers for a story, a heart-cry that helps us catch how he feels for a place. This week, for us, this was the story that did that – and, on a day when the characteristic of God in focus was Down to earth, this was our response:

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A down to earth prayer for peace

This prayer’s not for the powerful,
the politicians and the diplomats.
It’s not for suited leaders talking of peace
or armed fighters busy waging war.

This prayer’s for one powerless woman,
and her boys – still too small to perceive approaching danger.
It’s for thousands like her, in endless vigils,
watching through their windows as the shells edge closer.

This prayer’s for the frightened,
the innocent and the confused.
This prayer’s for the people,
the pawns of higher agendas – the abused.

Oh my God, hear their cries.
Oh my God, be by their side.
Oh my God, thank you that you’re there,
down to earth again and again, love drawing close and defeating fear.

This prayer’s for me because I too am dwarfed by this huge conflict,
and I prayed you’d help me connect to this place and these people.
And I am also connected to you – powerful, present, loving you:
So keep them on my heart and me on my knees surrendered still.

This prayer’s to the Powerful,
the Leader and the King;
it’s to the Champion of heaven who walks in real times
and real places with each and every one.

At the time of posting, another prayer has been answered… the time of intercession responding to the woman’s story that inspired this prayer was on Wednesday 11 February – a day of international peace talks for Ukraine. After talks all night there was no real news this morning… but just now we have seen a ceasefire has been agreed. Please God may it last.

(This prayer will be added to our collection of written prayers for peace in the next few days.)

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