1 in 7 billion still seen

At the start of a week where our whole focus at the Sanctuary’s centre is on communicating to those in our area ‘You are LOVED’ – it is fitting that we should be publishing this beautiful new studio version of one of the Sanctuary’s most precious songs – Nmoshka – which champions the value of every person globally.


Nmoshka voices a Bengali greeting (parallel to the Indian word Namaste) which means ‘I greet the Holy One I see in you’ and reflects on the sanctity of every human individual’s life as an image bearer of God.

We’re thrilled with this new version that Liz Baddaley and the brilliant Tim Deal have been working on producing over the last few weeks. And we hope you will find it helpful to inspire both prayer and action in you and in others.

The reality in our culture is not that each 1 in 7 billion is seen – and certainly not equally seen. But this is God’s reality and the reality those seeking to follow Jesus want to try to better embody and proclaim. Jesus’ life would have been laid down to win just one of them back – each is as precious and loved as we are…

A child in Bangladesh is as precious as a child here. There is no one inconsequential to God – no disposable number in a huge poverty statistic. Poverty is always personal – to the individuals, families and communities facing it, and to the God who made them and loves them.

You can read the full story behind the song and its inspiration here – and a chord sheet and sheet music are also available to download on our songs page.


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