a prayer for kingdom equality

It was an interesting experience to have Homelessness Sunday and the first day of The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity inhabit the same space last month. And this intersection, combined with several stories that entered our prayer rhythms of the incredible unity expressed when Christians of different ‘stations’ in life stood together united in Christ, stirred up this prayer – and the heart behind it:

children in care

Father I come to you,
longing for a fairer church that better represents you
and a just world more full of your kingdom come.
I long for the end of injustice and inequality;
I pray please no more hardened hearts seeking selfish gain at others expense.

Father I come to you,
but I do not ask for your help to make us the same again
for I have finally learned that we never were and we never will be.
Not because you do not love justice and hate poverty
but because you didn’t create us as carbon copies.

Father I come to you,
you reflected your image differently in each one of us
and gifted us with varied talents, resources and circumstances.
Then you called us all to an elegant dance – propelled by the melody of your love –
to give what we have and receive what we lack until all is equal and fair.

And so I pray, let it be so.

Let those with more than enough give from their most
and experience the freedom of generosity and simplicity.
Let those with less than enough receive more than they need
and laugh and sing at this grace and the beauty of abundance.
Let the prophets speak
And the hardened hear and turn.
Let the creatives inspire
And the fearful rise up with courage to stand.
Let the time rich pour it all out
On the overstretched and broken.
And may we all honestly share our stories of transformation
as you move through us to build your kingdom’s justice
and we finally become equal in your Son –
who gave himself once and for all to win each unique heart back to you.

Father I come to you,
and I pray for kingdom equality to come.
Father I come to you,
work in us differently so your will is finally done.
Father I come to you.

We’ll soon be adding this to our collection of written prayers for economic justice.

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