we’re always taking every chance…

to pray for peace – especially at the moment. And tomorrow’s Bienvenue! International Service of Celebration for Le Grand Départ (6:30pm at All Saints’ Ilkley) will be no exception. Here’s our fourth preview of what promises to be a very special time together – our prayers for peace in the nations:

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Leader: Lord Jesus, hope of nations, we thank you for the rich diversity of the countries, races and cultures in our world. Thank you that in this globalised age we are closer than ever before to so many precious and unique expressions of your image. Thank you for the opportunities this brings to share your love and your gospel more widely. Thank you for everywhere we see increased understanding, celebration of variety and the possibility to come together through international events – whether sporting, musical or diplomatic.

All: Lord Jesus, hope of nations, thank you for the gift of each other. Thank you for your image reflected uniquely seven billion times over. Thank you for the beauty and diversity of all the peoples you have made.

Leader: Lord Jesus, healer of nations, we are sorry for the times when as individuals, cultures and nations we choose to compete and even oppress each other – especially when we take advantage of our power and use it to dominate those who are weaker. We recognise this tendency to judge and harden our hearts is in all of us. Lord Jesus, forgive us and free us and give us hearts that are for the nations, hearts that are for others – hearts that are more like yours.

All: Lord Jesus, healer of nations, we are sorry when we harden our hearts,
Soften them today we pray – here among us – and across the world,
Especially touching those of decision-makers and heads of state.

Leader: Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, we lift to you the specific conflicts that sadly come all too readily to our minds because they have dominated our headlines. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. Bring your forgiveness and reconciliation for the sake of the people. We lift to you Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine and all other nations that sit heavy on our hearts today. In your mercy, bring your peace.

All: Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, we lift to you these nations.
In your mercy, bring your peace;
For the sake of the peoples, bring your peace. Amen.

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