in the zone: pray around the world

We’re getting excited. It’s only two and a half weeks to go until one of our most eagerly anticipated events ever! Join us for In the zone: pray around the world at any time between 8pm on Friday 20 and 10pm on Saturday 21 June.

in the zone_landscape - low res

Phileas Fogg did it in 80 days, but we’re going to be even quicker!

24 hours to pray around 24 time zones visiting every nation to bless and intercede for transformation through creative prayer…

Plus an hour of corporate praise and worship at the start and finish.

That’s 26 hours around the world…

Come along at any point during the day or night on the Friday or Saturday to use our creative space – and the stations laid out individually, in families or groups.(Or join us for the whole thing!)

You can pray in whatever way you find helpful for whatever places are in focus when you clock in. There’s loads to get through and lots of variety in things to pray about and ways to engage with God and his heart for the world – for children as well as adults.

There’s no need to book a slot for this 24:1 and don’t worry… there’ll be tea and coffee available in the kitchen throughout. All we ask is you come in and out of the back door, through the kitchen so as not to disturb others, and to get all the info you need from one of our door-keepers before you start.

If you want to find out more about what countries are on when, or download a poster to help spread the word, check out our events page.

If you can possibly avoid missing In the zone, don’t because we’re expectant of a really special time.

So put it in your diary. After all, you must be free at some point between 8pm on Friday 20 and 10pm Saturday 21 June…

…and if you’re too far away to come, don’t worry – it’s all going to be written up into a resource after the event. So you can run your own wherever you are really soon.

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