praying for peace… in humility

Yesterday’s element of God’s character in focus was humility. We had a life-giving conversation about it which we’ll write more about soon in its own right. But we wanted to share this with you now… As we moved from praise and adoration into intercession, we took this perspective of humility with us as we prayed for conflicts and uprisings in Syria, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Iraq, Colombia, South Sudan… the list goes on. We really wanted to sit at the feet of these nations yesterday in our hearts’ postures – not stand over them. One of our pray-ers wrote this in response:

praying for peace... in humility

How different the view is from here Lord –
Where you’ve led me to today –
Kneeling with you at the feet of people and nations I have seen as so different;
Laying down judgement to pursue humility
And yearning for peace – not from a position of strength –
But from a revelation that conflict and a desire for my way is more than familiar to me too.

I know the fear, the hurt, the confusion, the loss;
The rejection, the numbing, the emptiness, the full-to-the-brim anger –
And the all-encompassing emotions that dominate.
When my heart is put next to ‘theirs’, is it so very different?

I – who know you! – still crave winning battles that are not yours,
For the sake of agendas that are not yours.
But this is not your way.

What are people that you are mindful of us?
Our conflicted, conflicting hearts that you still draw near,
Forgive and listen to our stuttered prayers for peace.

But it is because of who you are –
Humble King –

And so I know I can come, and ask:
Can I sit here with you a while longer and share your heart?
Intercede in sync with you?
Until peace comes to these nations, these people’s hearts,
My life, and mine…

I have nothing to bring.
No superior understanding of peace-making,
No conflict-free, clean slate.
But I have this desire –
To sit with you and pray for peace –
Again and again and again.
And you welcome my war-mongering heart to sit; and still; and align with yours;
And pray.

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